After a disappointing rating came in for the debut of the thirteenth season of "The Ultimate Fighter", UFC President Dana White knew he had to shake things up a bit. In the premier episode, Lesnar was very tranquil, something White was not expecting. As such, starting with week three, White has replaced Lesnar with Kimbo Slice.

"Look, that first episode kind of sucked. There was too much wrestling both in the fight and what Lesnar was coaching. He even said that wrestling was a big part of this sport. That's not what I want. I want mother f--kers to go out there and bang."

While the thirteen season has already finished taping, Dana White said that it wasn't a problem to replace Lesnar.

"Look today's technology is amazing. I could have put whomever I wanted to as coaches in there. I knew I needed ratings so I went back and looked and who gave us ratings? Kimbo Slice did. So now that guy has another shot at making me lots of money," said White.

"We aren't going to let Kimbo back into the UFC just like that though. He has to prove himself to be a good coach and if his guys make it to the finals, we will let Kimbo fight on the finale."

Rumors state that Kimbo brought in Brian Ebersole as one of his coaches to teach the fighters how to properly shave their chest hair into a nifty design, but we could not confirm that rumor at this time.

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I want mother f--kers to go out there and bang.

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